6 Incredible Benefits of Protein Shakes



OK, we know you’ve heard your gym-junkie friends go on and on about the protein shake they have before their workouts. All this hype around protein shakes in fitness circles - and many people are under the impression that protein shakes only for weight-lifting, sculpted-bodied gym rats. Not the case!

Turns out, protein shakes are an incredible addition to your diet, even if you’ve never seen the face of a gym in your life! What elusive benefits do these beverages hold? Let’s break them down.

In this article, we’re giving you a round-up of 6 Incredible Benefits Of Protein Shakes:

They Prevent Metabolic Slowdown

Research shows that weight loss can reduce the number of calories you burn. The long-term calorie restriction that accompanies most weight loss diets can often cause you to lose muscle, this in turn has a negative effect on your metabolism by slowing it down. It can even make you vulnerable to weight gain. However, a high intake of protein combined with strength training can prevent muscular loss and metabolic slowdown. So even as you lose a lot of fat, your metabolic rate should remain high enough.

They Speed Up Weight Loss

The higher your metabolism is, the faster you lose weight. Protein shakes are a great way to intake this important nutrient that boosts metabolism to speed up weight loss. Some of the calories you consume are used to metabolize and digest the food you eat, this is called the “thermic effect of food”, protein is said to have a much higher thermic effect (20-30%) than fats or carbs. So, if you consume 100 calories of protein, just 70 of them are usable. This is one of the ways protein intake boosts metabolism, so you’re burning more calories 24/7, even as you sleep!

They Prevent Weight Regain

All the benefits of high protein come together to prevent your body from gaining back the weight it worked so hard to lose. Research has shown that people who consumed a high amount of protein lost weight faster and kept it off. The low-protein group gained back 23% of their initial weight whereas the high-protein group gained back a meagre 9%. This is because protein is known to inhibit the hunger-causing hormone Ghrelin and increase the satiety hormones along with burning more calories. 

They’re Extremely Energizing

It’s no secret that a high metabolism can keep you energized. Protein shakes give a high energy boost and reduce muscular damage. Studies have shown that people with a higher protein intake show higher energy expenditure, even on a calorie restricting diet. No wonder protein shakes are so popular with performance athletes, who take them regularly for their energizing effects!

They’re *Super* Convenient to Prepare

See, there are many different ways to prepare a protein shake: you can use protein powders or a variety of other ingredients that have a high amount of protein, such as: cottage cheese, Greek plain yoghurt, nuts, seed, soy and so much more. If you keep it simple, they can be prepared in a matter of minutes. All they involve is mixing everything in a good protein shaker!

Other Benefits of Protein Shakes 

Protein shakes are ideal for muscle recovery. When you’re strength training, all of the strain you put your body through can cause fatigue, the muscular tissue is broken down and during the recovery period, muscles use more and more protein to repair and grow. Whey protein is absorbed quicker than any other type; Studies show that the older you are, the higher the amount of whey protein is optimum for your muscle recovery. 

Bottom Line:

Protein Shakes are a great addition to your diet, no matter how long your gym subscription has been active! Just make sure to prepare them the right way, and don’t overload them with excessive calories.

Happy Protein Shakin’!

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