Fashion Trends : Athleisure.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go out wearing gym clothes without being expected to go to one? Or, walk out in public wearing your hot yoga pants after a session without being bothered whether or not you strut in style? These days, you actually can because of a huge fashion turn of the century: Athleisure.

Athleisure is a combination of two contradicting words: Athlete and leisure. It is a current fashion trend of wearing clothes that are worn both for exercising and for general use. It also means that the clothes you wear could function not only as a proper attire for company meetings but can also make running a bit easier when you are late in one.

Now, you may be wondering if this means that it’s just a technical term for you to wear your sweatpants out and about as an excuse. Well, yes and no. Athleisure gives a wide range of fashion opportunities that it may be overwhelming for a person who will try it for the first time. Here are some basic gym outfits and how to pair them to rock Athleisure every day.



Women's Leggings Active Wear Stripe


Leggings have been a girl’s best friend for decades. You can use it for running laps at the park or just lounging around during a lovely day. This type of clothing has sparked controversy over the past years as it contours the lower body in a way that it seems to expose intimate parts involuntarily. Nevertheless, leggings have been one of the foundations of Athleisure, and it will not go away anytime soon.

You can pair them with long flowy dress shirts for a more casual and feminine take. Others pair it with a tank top, black sneakers, and a moto jacket to give them that biker-chic edge. You can also wear them in different patterns and colors that fit your personality and pair them with an oversized statement shirt to give off a more casual look. Leggings have chameleon-like characteristics in a way that it blends as good clothing and can be worn in different ways.



Men's Hoodie Active Wear

The hoodie is a humble essential of everyone’s wardrobe. If you don’t own one, you are definitely missing the comfort and practicality this outfit gives. It gives you warmth and simplicity unlike any other in times of winter that you can never think of it as a fashion statement unless it is going to the gym or your nearby grocery to shop essentials. Needless to say, this piece can rock in the streets with the right pieces.

Many walk the busy street with just a simple hoodie and nice-fitting jeans, and that’s okay, but if you want to up the ante, try layering it with a jacket or a coat with a pair of white sneakers to make it chicer. Some try to give off a Kpop vibe when wearing their hoodie by layering on top a pea coat and paired it with dark pants, Chelsea boots, and round-rimmed glasses. Some hoodies are way too long that it can be a dress already.

These types can be worn with denim shorts and sneakers, but if you want a grunge vibe to your outfit, you can wear it with fishnet stockings and lace-up boots. Others prefer a cropped hoodie paired with ripped jeans and a perfect amount of accessories. Hoodies come in different shapes and sizes that are very easy to rock the Athleisure lifestyle with it.




Men's Tank Top Active Wear Summer 2020

If you are a gym-goer who isn’t afraid to sweat that extra mile or push that last lap, the tank top is your companion. The tank top is basically a sleeveless shirt with multiple uses. There are no rules in wearing this effortless piece because it is a basic wardrobe outfit with various styles and trends. One does not simply buy just one tank top and call it a day.

A basic outfit for the tank top is to pair it with black leggings, but you can take that simple outfit up a notch by playing with a tank top with bright colors but if the top part is too much, changing the leggings with funky colors or cool patterns will be just fine so that your plain tank top can still stand out.

There are many styles of tank tops like the ones with spaghetti straps that look great underneath a button-down shirt. If you are that type of person who wakes up early and goes to the gym before work, try wearing the tank top under a blouse or pair it with a blazer or cardigan. You will often see women in the corporate world-rocking outfits like these.

Now, if you want a Coachella aesthetic to your outfit, you can match it with denim shorts and cowboy boots while rocking a tousled hair with tiny braids. Sunglasses can also level up your outfit to give it a summery feel to it. Whatever style of tank top you are wearing, this statement piece will give you that easy and effortless feel.

Whether you want to look effortlessly fashionable with your gym clothes or just walk outside the busy streets of your city as you are, as long as you are confident in every step you take.

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