Nutrition Tips During the Lockdown


If there's one thing the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown is teaching us all - it's the fact that we're *all* more prone to binge eating when there's nothing else to do. Queries about basic nutrition tips have soured over the last few weeks, maybe because people are beginning to realize that they need proper nutrition practises to stay fit and healthy during this time. Well, we're here to help you out!


In this article, we break down 6 Basic Nutrition Tips During The Lockdown

  1. Stock Up On Healthy Food!


With the paranoia of sitting at home for extended periods of time, you may find yourself at a grocery store unaware of what may be the best things to keep for yourself at home. Make sure to stock up on easy to cook yet healthy items, so you will not have to rely on simply snacks!

  1. Meal Planning


Try to make early meal preps a norm in your household. Grab a few tupperware and make it a team effort with your partner, or even just by yourself, to keep a routine for your weekly food. This way, you won’t find yourself cooking in the kitchen every day (unless you want to!). There are also some other very solid benefits of meal planning that you're missing out on.

  1. Try Meatless Mondays


If you're not a vegetarian, cutting down on meat altogether may be too big a sacrifice. Instead, try to limit your meat intake once a week, stretching it out to two or three days whenever you feel comfortable - since incorporating meat in every dish may not be the healthiest option, and will make you run out of stock too quickly!

  1. Plant Your Own Food.


Freshly picked vegetables or fruits, that are in season, are infinitely healthier than any other option. When growing your own food, your diet is more diverse and healthy, packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Grow basil, tomatoes amd lemons in your backyard so you have the essentials easily within reach, and don't have to worry about restocking during a lockdown. It's a win-win, really!

  1. Get Greek Yogurt


When you find yourself at the grocery aisle trying to find the best source of protein for your diet - take the regular yogurt out of your trolley, and replace it with greek yogurt! Not only is it thicker and creamier, it also has around three times the amount of protein found in regular yogurt. Greek Yogurt is also great for weight loss!

  1. Be Mindful Of Vitamin D


With the lack of sun exposure you might be getting by staying indoors, make sure to look after your vitamin D intake and eat foods rich in vitamin D. If you find it difficult to get your hands on these foods, you can always get yourself some vitamin D supplements which will work just as well.

Bottom Line:


Keeping healthy and nourished during the lockdown isn't easy. But with a few steps in the right direction, you can ensure that your basics are covered, and you're less likely to make meal choices that you regret the next morning. We're rooting for you!


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