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The Journey of WNBF Pro, Shelli Beecher-Seitzler into Veganism, Training and BodyBuilding

Female Bodybuilder Posing and Winning


My Journey: 

My 45th birthday present/promise to myself was a significant personal goal (on my vision/action board)… to train and compete for the first time as a natural Bodybuilder.  Never did I think that I would accomplish the success I have in such short period of time, especially at 45 years old, and as a Vegan.  Yet, I attribute the rapid development of my physique with my consistent physical conditioning program and my healthy, whole foods, Vegan diet.  What I learned throughout the process is that Bodybuilding is a sport that requires incredible dedication to be competitive and prepared for exhibition on stage!

As a Licensed and Nationally Certified Mental Health Counselor in the Seattle area, I’m a big believer in balancing time for work, family, friends and self.  With the development of self, I encourage creating a vision board (with an action plan) and setting clear intentions for your desired outcomes. 

As with many other athletes training and expecting to compete in early/mid 2020 - I too, experienced a period of grief at the amount of intensely dedicated effort that abruptly ended due to physical distancing requirements from COVID-19.  What I have learned from this experience is adaptability, and to keep hope alive while putting the original dreams on hold.  My next competition is rescheduled for Fall 2020. 

Being gyms have been closed, I have adapted my training program to include road cycling and alpine hiking.  The bonus is that I have discovered that my Vegan diet and bodybuilding conditioning enables me to crossover into these other strenuous physical sports with strength and endurance - while having fun along the way! 

My Achievements :

Female Bodybuilder Posing Showing the back

In September 2018 I competed for my first time in bodybuilding and won First place overall champion in FitBody at INBF NW Royal Natural BodyBuilding Championship- earning a World Natural BodyBuilding Federation (WNBF) Pro card. 

Seven months later, I won again, competing this time as a Pro in FitBody at WNBF Washington State Natural Puget Sound PRO/AM in April 2019.  At this second competition I also won first place in Masters Figure (earning another WNBF Pro card).  A week after, I earned a trophy and crown placing 5th as a natural competitor (out of 11 competitors) in the NPC Emerald Cup.

In September 2019, I was invited as a Pro to be a Guest Performer and Presenter at INBF NW Royal Natural BodyBuilding Championships.  I feel such gratitude for these opportunities and accomplishments. 

Thank you Maximillian Sports for inviting me to write my very first Blog post!

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